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Raging Skies

This song is by Gama Bomb and appears on the EP Untouchable Glory (2015).

Mysterious calligraphy of a strange and unknown place
Calibrating engines of flight
Manuscripts from history make plain the unfathomable
A strange conflagration over eastern skies
Enochian geometry reveals your darkest depths
Rushing on gossamer wings to the temple they seek out the sacred child

All these visions plague my mind
Hands in fists I curse the raging skies

The Ural mountains in 1959, victims of an unknown force
Look to the skies and see the signs, the alignment is upon us
(They are already among us)
An encounter that nobody will believe save those touched from above
Who will listen?
The mad and true confessions that will rip the world apart!
The time is near!

They planted information inside my head
The president must know, unhand me!
The symbology of the ages written in the constellations of the skies
For you and I
Reaching for us with hands that can penetrate your very soul
Who will join the chosen elite?
Now I am condemned to this prison for the truth I know
They have made me mad!

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