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My Evil Eye

This song is by Gama Bomb and appears on the EP Untouchable Glory (2015).

I never sleep, I walk the street
My stride is long and wide
I'm a vagabond but that's not all
From me there's nothing you can hide

Find a place to lock away your deepest darkest thoughts
But I'll drag you out into the light
I turn my collar up against the waking world
Cursed by second sight

With my eyebrow raised my eye invades
A power I cannot control
At the appointed time I'll split the sky
And look inside your soul

I can be invisible
There is no wall between
In and through and everywhere
Nothing goes unseen

Eye to eye
I'm looking hard into your mind
I spy
I open up my evil eye

Little white lies, your hidden side
I can see you in your underwear
Innuendos in your innermost thoughts
Turn around, I'm already there
Salivate and shudder as my mental finger probes
A lightning power psychic eye that urges to explode
I clench my fists and squint my eyes, with every fibre of my will
Compelling you to blow your mind, it's the thought that kills

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