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I Will Haunt You

This song is by Gama Bomb and appears on the EP Untouchable Glory (2015).

You ground me down you put me out you pushed me to the edge
You kept me on the bottom for so long
And all the while you cramped my style and made me look a fool
The urge to be avenged grew ever strong
You never stopped the hammer dropped you took me down a peg
You didn't think to look me in the eye
If you had you'd see eventually that you would rue the day
And that would be the day after I die

I told you there'd be hell to pay
You just laughed
I told you it would end this way
Now I'm coming back
From the grave to haunt the shit out of you

I will haunt you
I will haunt you

You were the man and I was not but all along I knew
My end is the beginning of it all
Without a sound I'm in the ground but also at your side
Ectoplasm running down the walls
In the corner of your eye after I died you cannot get away
My icy fingers going down your pants
A Ouija board you can't ignore the fact that I am back
In the night you can hear me chant

I told you death means nothing to me
You were like whatever
Back to hound you mercilessly
This time it's forever
And I won't stop until your hair goes white and you drop dead

I will haunt you
I will haunt you

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