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​Trafalgar Square

This song is by Galleon and appears on the album The All European Hero (1996).

I went to London with Judy and my band.
We toyed with feelings like nervous guests in partyland.
We played some small joints while Judy found work.
I spended her money on Whisky and made a good impersonation of a jerk.
The best you ever seen.

Lonely and lost in Trafalgar square.

Lost my band and my baby there.
Hangover and broke, at the first light.
It was the first of many lonely nights.
It was raining in London and I knew how to get wet.
Parts of me needed to dry out, but the winds weren't favorable jet.
I sold my belongings, but kept my guitar.
And played for nickels and dimes to spend in the nearest bar.
It couldn't take me far.

Lonely and lost...

I met my equals, in my Soho Hotel
We found our way out on an orange boat to Israel
It was time to sail away.

Lonely and lost...