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Jacks Slumber Party

This song is by Galleon and appears on the album The All European Hero (1996).

Another six pack pipe dream on a Saturday night, pretending he's all right.
What would he say?
If I said that he's wasting away.
The time it takes to heal it takes to fall.
I said; 'Jack don't you understand?'
That the liquid you demand is bringing you down.

I can still see him frown.
The time it takes to fight it takes to die.

To sleep, perchance to dream.
Perchance to find some peace of mind.
And when I saw him acting out yesterdays role, noticing the absence of soul.

How did I feel?
Did it feel unreal?

The time it takes to see it takes to live.
To sleep...

And when you saw me leaving my life behind.
When you saw me acting like you... how did you feel?

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