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Welcome To Paradise

This song is by Galahad and appears on the album Other Crimes And Misdemeanours I (1992) and on the album In a Moment of Complete Madness (1993).

Silent stares through a window pane
Anxious expressions make their claim
An army of souls lost long ago
A pyramid mentality still runs this show
Apollo disappeared way before dawn
And paradise was where we were drawn
Smoke stained glass comfort steals the light
As the whitewash floats like snowflakes on a bitter winter breeze...

She wraps up warm still standing
She's still standing where she has so many times before
And though the story is wearing thin
Age is counting, my friend age is counting
And she is dying

Grime on the gutter, slime on the shutter
There's plenty for the rats
And plenty rats for the cats to grow fat!
Meanwhile the skeleton on the corner
Is holding out bare knuckles
He's looking for charity
Looking for a chance to live
But this is not real life
No, not in my eyes can you tell the difference or understand the circumstances
Here in Paradise...

It's here, it's there, it's all around, it's everywhere
You can sense it, you can feel it, you can touch it
Welcome to Paradise, Paradise, Paradise
If only it were half as nice!

Oh come closer, I want to get to know you
Much closer, I want to see you under the light
Much nearer, I want to feel your heart beat
Oh much nearer, much closer
I want to feel your breath on my brow
Oh much closer, we can be as one together
All together, together just for this night
Welcome to Paradise...

If only it were half as nice!

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