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This song is by Galahad and appears on the album Other Crimes And Misdemeanours I (1992) and on the album Other Crimes and Misdemeanours III (2001).

Our minds entwine with same intention
Our thoughts rotate and swing in same direction
Separate by space but time resolved
Our paths should being the will of fate
Bestow good fortune, declare our goals
We work in unison, union of plenty

Solar light has reshaped our spirit
Value to create and satisfy
Musical creations on terms of our own
Will become the anthems of success

When reaching mass ears
Then all the faces will smile
Chords of ecstasy sound the time for our rise
Another dark horse, now a fully fledged knight of melody
But as the unit decays, the sounds gel ever more together
As one, one, one

The King is in his counting house
And he's counting out his gold
To see how his business fared today
But, we are his business
But he doesn't give a damn about the music man
He like the feel of the bucks in his distorted back pockets

We will follow our hearts
We will follow our dreams
We will stand strong for what we believe
We will not succumb to the media test
And we give a damn about the negative musical press
It's been no bed of roses
We've had our share of the downs
But still we arise with our feet firmly off the ground
We bring only music of breadth and melody
Of feeling and of joy of power and pure energy...

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