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The Autumn Leaves

This song is by Galadriel and appears on the album Renascence Of Ancient Spirit (2007).

I enter your realm, (the) snowing leaves casts over (the) ground
There sounds the whisper of semi-naked crowns
Your inner spirit protects me against the storms ol outer world
When I lie among (the) gold leaves, that ancient magic penetrates me

I became a part of you, my naked body's covered by the bark
My wish fill moment, everything I love is all around
I hear the forest melodies of dark strong beings
First snow falls into my crown (and) I am prepared for the change.

The mist shrouded the valleys
The water in lakes stands grievously
The greylags already found
The salvation in south - the fall is over!

I'm the breeze in the wind, the frozen look and sigh
Of winter's coldest dream, I'm (the) dance of crystals
See what grace brings my joy, the icy flowers bloom
The frozen waterfalls, the shine and spell of moon


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