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Sorrowful Planet

This song is by Galadriel and appears on the album Renascence Of Ancient Spirit (2007).

We still want more and more to sate our pride,
We still want dream about all our desires
We still believe that we're the chosen ones, to tell the fate.

Dried tears instead of cold the springs of brooks,
Inhospitable plains instead of woods
We broke all down, we are the seed of death, we bring the pain...

Through the eyes of enervated earth
I see the tired grey lands, only dust and stones
We're falling to the ground burned by the lights
Of dying sun - we're crawling to the vacuum

(We) long for to rule the world, (all) what brings the life,
Long for to rule the nature - until it die
We are disease - mistake of evolution, proud mankind...

I'm calling for the nature laws
To bring the justice for this earth
The fire burn, the wind blow,
The water flow to wash all the filth away!

I hate this kind, this race which brought the hurt,
I hate this kind of men which brought the pain
To all what lived in this beautiful, magical place...

Like the cold stone flies the EARTH through the space
Forsaken and tortured, vacated, dying without hopes


(i) Still hear those whispers in my heart, in silent dreams
Just stand and feel that tremble of my skin
Dancing barefooted among the grass and trees
Naked as fairy I'm running down (the) green field

Wrecked memories, our sun set down
The magic disappeard in the dust of our world

(i) Still feel those kisses of flowers and butterflies
(And) I fall asleep with bird's singing lullabies

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