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Renascence Of Ancient Spirit

This song is by Galadriel and appears on the album Renascence Of Ancient Spirit (2007).

For thousand years I wondered through dark places of
Nepenthe, and my heart became so cold
I didn't feel the love and my feelings turned to stone
My anger and my pain with hate red chained my soul... ALONE!

Lords of chaos held my life in their hands
And my decisions were blinded by the will of someone else
My restless thoughts groped between two storms
And it was so hard to choose the right one to overcome... no!

As the acorn sprouts in the spring time
So the touch of sunshine breaks the ice
With the little blazing fire
Awakes the ancient spirit inside
As the chrysalis gives birth to
Manycoloured wings of butterfly
So my world is still rising
From silence and (with) stronger sigh

Forgotten memories against your disdain
When sun shone and rain fell down for my desire... desire

Fragments of my will slowly opened my eyes
To rise them with pride to the world full of masks of false
Every choice brings the thunders and pain
But this one leads to the renascence of my ancient name