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This song is by Galadriel and appears on the album Renascence Of Ancient Spirit (2007).

I wandered through night and I felt the frozen leaves
That hurt my soles, I was alone - naked against the wind
Drops of rain - the crystals plunged into my skin
Cold grey lips (and) so much scars on my face
(i) Was my own nightmare...
I can't felt my fingers, (i) didn't hear my heartbeat and my mind's
Lost somewhere between the raving and reality

I beheld the esence run among the ancient trees
I followed her way, some magic called my name
Her pale face and lucent body bewitched my spirit
I felt the fire in my vains and then fell (the) night...


Enter my rooms, resign to (the) darkness of my world
Fill your desires, I'll be your warm blood in your heart
I am burning with the million years old deamons
(My) spirit's leaving alone this body - alone this sorrow
(The) moonlight's healing the daylight's hurts in your soul
(Your) senses are more brighter and you're leaving that world

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