Gaias Pendulum:In The Deep Of Gaia Lyrics

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In The Deep Of Gaia

This song is by Gaias Pendulum and appears on the album Vité (2000).

[Music & Lyrics - Góngora]

The last day over your body
And now is time of my journey
Into the heart of the earth
In the deep of gaia.
I feel the last wind of the day
The last ray of the sun
I feel the touch of the dark
Into the heart of the ground.
My body is not a cell
Now I live this
And will fly away in the deep
Of the eternal, eternal night.
Only a piece
A piece of flesh, in the past
Now only my thoughts are live
Nobody can feel this sense.
I'm not alone, all my thoughts stay with me
I only live for today, no yesterday, no tomorrow
Only this moment is the truth
And now I live in the deep of Gaia.