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​Every Sacred Thing

This song is by Gaia Consort.

Flash of the breast on the big screen, But no penetration or spark
Cut the claw from the tiger, de-fang the cobra so we can feel safe in the dark

Big money makes the decisions, big money owns all the gods
And I can't help but laugh at the puzzled expression when I say I won't give to the cause.

Is it any wonder that our spirits cry - Is it wonder something inside us dies,
When we sanitize every sacred thing?

Paved over meadows for strip malls, or misguided notions of bliss
And I point to the universe shaking their shoulders, saying "How can you need more than this?"

Five thousand years of repression, five thousand years of the lie
And I can't help but hoping as I'm watching the changes, that maybe we're watching it die

Maybe a storm cloud is coming or maybe it's just a soft rain
And I don't have the answers but every bone in my body is laughing or crying or screaming for change!

Is it any wonder that our spirits cry
Is it wonder - when we sanitize
Every sacred thing