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Gaelic Storm (1998)Edit

Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm

  1. Hills Of Connemara
  2. Bonnie Ship the Diamond/Tamlinn
  3. The Farmer's Frolic (Instrumental)
  4. Johnny Jump Up/Morrison's Jig
  5. The Storm (Instrumental)
  6. Tell Me Ma
  7. The Rocky Road To Dublin/Kid On The Mountain
  8. Sight of Land (Instrumental)
  9. The Leaving Of Liverpool
  10. Sammy's Fancy (Instrumental)
  11. McCloud's Reel/Whup Jamboree
  12. The Road to Liskeard (Instrumental)

Herding Cats (1999)Edit

Herding cats

Herding Cats

  1. Drink The Night Away
  2. The Ferryman
  3. South Australia
  4. After Hours at McGann's
  5. Heart Of The Ocean
  6. Breakfast At Lady A.'s
  7. The Park East Polkas
  8. Spanish Lady
  9. The Devil Went Down To Doolin
  10. Barnyards of Delgaty
  11. The Broken Promise
  12. She Was the Prize
  13. Titanic Set (Instrumental)

Tree (2001)Edit



  1. Beggarman
  2. Before The Night Is Over
  3. Johnny Tarr
  4. Swimmin' In The Sea
  5. The Plouescal Races (Instrumental)
  6. Black Is The Colour
  7. Mary's Eyes
  8. New York Girls
  9. An Poc Ar Buile
  10. Thirsty Work (Instrumental)
  11. I Thought I Knew You
  12. Go Home, Girl!
  13. Midnight Kiss
  14. Walk Through My Door

Special Reserve (2003)Edit

Special Reserve

Special Reserve

  1. Courtin' In The Kitchen
  2. Johnny Tarr
  3. The Schooner Lake Set
  4. The Leaving Of Liverpool
  5. Drink The Night Away
  6. After Hours At McGann's
  7. Swimmin' In The Sea
  8. Nancy Whiskey
  9. She Was The Prize
  10. Johnny Jump-Up/Morrison Jig
  11. Titanic Set (Instrumental)
  12. Tell Me Ma
  13. Beggarman

How Are We Getting Home? (2004)Edit

Gaelic Storm - How Are We Getting Home?

How Are We Getting Home?

  1. I Miss My Home
  2. Born To Be A Bachelor
  3. Punjab Paddy
  4. Stain the Grout (Instrumental)
  5. Tear Upon the Rose
  6. Summer's Gone
  7. Piña Colada in a Pint Glass
  8. Fish and Get Fat
  9. The Lone-Star Stowaway (Instrumental)
  10. When I Win
  11. An Cailin Deas Rua
  12. Down Underground
  13. Cab Ride To Kingston (Instrumental)
  14. Time, Drink 'Em Up!
  15. Short A Couple A' Bob

Bring Yer Wellies (2006)Edit

Bring Yer Wellies

Bring Yer Wellies

  1. Scalliwag
  2. Me And The Moon
  3. Never Drink 'Em Dry (Johnny Tarr's Funeral)
  4. The Devil Down Below
  5. De Luain, De Mairt
  6. Bare in the Basin
  7. Kelly's Wellies
  8. Slingshot (Instrumental)
  9. Hello Monday
  10. The Long Way Home
  11. The Salt Lick (Instrumental)
  12. Don't Go For "The One"
  13. Tornado Alley (Instrumental)
  14. Kiss Me I'm Irish

What's the Rumpus? (2008)Edit


What's The Rumpus?

  1. What's The Rumpus?
  2. Lover's Wreck
  3. Darcy's Donkey
  4. The Mechanical Bull (Instrumental)
  5. Human To A God
  6. Slim Jim and the Seven Eleven Girl
  7. Don't Let the Truth Get In the Way (of a Good Story)
  8. The Samurai Set (Instrumental)
  9. Beidh Aonach Amárach
  10. Death Ride To Durango (Instrumental)
  11. Faithful Land
  12. If Good Times Were Dollars
  13. Floating the Flambeau (Instrumental)
  14. The Night I Punched Russell Crowe

Cabbage (2010)Edit

Gaelic Storm - Cabbage


  1. Raised on Black and Tans
  2. Space Race
  3. Cyclone McClusky
  4. Blind Monkey (Instrumental)
  5. Green Eyes Red Hair
  6. Just Ran Out of Whiskey
  7. Jimmy's Bucket (Instrumental)
  8. Cecilia
  9. The Buzzards of Bourbon Street (Instrumental)
  10. Turn This Ship Around
  11. Rum Runners
  12. Northern Lights
  13. Crazy Eyes McGullicuddy (Instrumental)
  14. Chucky Timm
  15. The Dodgy Pint (iTunes Bonus Track)
  16. Damn Good Dog (iTunes Bonus Track)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Irish Party In Third Class

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