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A Silvia

This song is by Gabry Ponte and appears on the album Dottor. Jekyll & Mister DJ (2004).

(feat. Eddy Wata)

Silvia so many times
I think about you
About the very rainy day
Yaou came to me
To be my wife
Silvia too many Rhymes
I wrote about you
About that given
Sunday night
Whaen you just
Ran out of my life
Oh my Silvia telling
About the things
I never told you
Seemes so ard
You are so far from my heart
And I realize it
I wander in the darkness
Of my loneliness and now
Wata tell you about you and me
Come Gabry the selecta
Silvia rimembri ancora
La quiete dopo la tempesta
Meriggiare pallido e assorto
L'infinito temporale alla sera
Silvia rimembri ancora
La quiete dopo la tempesta
D'improvviso m'illumino d'immenso
Alla sera del di' di festa