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Gonna Get Better

This song is by Gabrielle and appears on the album Rise (1999).

We do what we do to try and get us through our darkest days,
A time in life thats not so bright,
There are the days that we cry and we dont no why,
You gotta fight it those days will pass you by,
Its gonna get better........ yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Everybody knows theres brighter days.............yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Its gonna get better.........yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Live ya life and take it day by day..........yeahhhhhh,
Be positive in life or ull fail before you even try,
Sometimes it takes a helping hand (a helping hand is what u need)
To show u that life goes on theres a brand new dawn,
When ur feeling down theres always a reason to hold on,
Tell yourself its gonna get better,......... yeah yeah yeah yeah
Everybody knows theres brighter days,......... yeah yeah yeah yeah
Its gonna get better, ......... yeah yeah yeah yeah
Live ya life and take it day by day,
You'v gotta live ur life cuz life is for the living,
And u dont no if you will get the chance again,
You gotta find away to hold on baby.

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