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​I'll Miss You

This song is by Gabriella Troy.

Evening now change into night,
Night is different from evening
Because it's the time that the stars came to bling.
And now that you're gone,
I'm gonna miss you because we're done.

How could you say that you always love me...
Even it's so hard to be
Give me the time to do it
'Cause I wanna know if you really fit.

I miss you...
And I wanna say I do,
'Cause every time that you came up to my mind
I wanna go I'll find
The right thing for me,
Even it's hard to be

Missing you is the hardest thing

'Cause when I see the star bling,
I always think of you...
'Cause I really miss you...
I wanna say I do,
This word is just for you

Pls. give me more chance to see
What you and me will wanna be
Give the time to spare,
To do to miss to spare...

I really wanna you to come back to me
And something that you'll gonna see
Pls. love me too...
'Cause I Miss you