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Winter Song

This song is by Gabriel Kahane and appears on the album Where Are the Arms (2011).

Where did it begin?
We forgot to mow the lawn
Too much time spent
With electric deck of cards

Where did it begin?
One day the words were gone
Letters lost and found
In someone's yard

Kids fall down in the snow
They used to

Shopping carts, a highway
Toward a single spire
Mask and glove and pipe
But not much learned

When you let me in
Against that careless fire
All the farms all the farms
All the freight
All the books had burned

Scratching out a past
We don't remember much
Words come apart like
Tendon shattered bone

Once there was a city
You knew well its touch
Still got the linen but
The memory's thread is gone

Kids fall down in the snow

Written by:

Gabriel Kahane

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