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She Rollin'

This song is by Gabriel Antonio.

Gabriel antonio
(You know how I do it for the ladies)
Slow down, go get it girl
(Back it on up, like dat, like dat)
Little momma she drop it
She rollin'
Her body, I wanna control it
She lookin' at me while I'm lookin' at her
Tonight she wanna leave wit me
Back to my crib
She a freak like me
Always down to try anything
Walk like me
Stunt like me
I love the way she say buy me things
Dolce gabanna an loui
Gucci, prada shoppin' sprees
I buy it all 'cause she ride for me
(Buy it all 'cause she rides for me)
It's a different kinda love
We're young and I wanna have fun
Let me go left (x3)
Can I go right (x3)
All the ladies get on the floor
Drop it down and get low
Booty poppin'
Hands up high
(Damn girl)

She's got that smile that is sexy
Wit them tight jeans on
I got the--
Look money ain't nothin' girl
Spend it on you
I love the way you move
Shawty right there she lookin' like whoa
I love the way you move
Little momma drop it
Get low

Gabriel antonio 2009

Hands up right now
Let ya hands on up
Go ahead
Let's vibe on out
Shawty lookin' like whoa
I'm like damn
How you fit that ass in them pants
Gotta body like trina
Face like mya
It's my turn
I'mma bring that fire
Hold up
Let me double check my swagg
I can give you that love
That you neva had
Wind it up
Stack it up
Put it in a gag
Hi hata
Damn I bet they mad
Gabriel antonio makin' it happen
Makin' em' drop it down low like magic
If you wanna high 16 I got it
Money talkin'
Bullshit walkin'
Haven't you heard
I'm the best they got
Go down south
Bet that funny
I can make a living off itunes money
Hold up
Let me double check my swagg
Hold up
Tell me how I do it like that
I'm out here grindin'
Just like that
Black top and black shades
With a baseball bat
I'm knockin' em' out
'Cause I'm crazy like that
Shawty you can take it like that (x4)

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