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Shemsho U Sahro

This song is by Gabi Masso.

Shemsho u Sahro

Ktole rohe u sahro
Bi 'etmo
Ktole rohe d'lo hezjole
I shemsho

Krohamla elo laibe
D'hozela u lo hezjole

Ja sahro ono chothoch
Ono chothoch
Laibi habibi
Habibi loqeno
U lo laibi hojarno
B'ainotha laibi
D'lo muqdoli
Muqdoli i hubaida

Kode' laibe dobela fsihutho
Lo laibe dobela
I fsihutho
D'kurcho a'la

D'lo moqadle u bahraida
Ktole rohe ba lalje

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