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Halla Halla

This song is by Gabi Masso.

Halla Halla

Tlay en kebaat hubaidach
elo kodaano laibach
aydarbo aaime azole
ktolen bahro di shemsho

Ko mahwe me aynothach
bi hubo nafeltohat
kodaano ched korohamnach
of hate korehmatli

Halla halla walla walla
lo shefraidach ja mashalla
d'rohmatli hate hlitho
latjo mede ha jalla

Habibto lalye k'jerchi
u ono rohi shahoro
aaynothach ched aaynothi
haure da kekwe rome

Tlotho eshne shawoo jarhe
u aasro jaume naternach
dodaano ged dowat eli
g'notarno u eemro kule

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