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Skit #3

This song is by GZA/Genius and appears on the album Beneath The Surface (1999).

"I'm tired of watching people around me get all the good jobs at record labels while I go on interview after interview only to be passed over for someone less qualified but better connected."
"At the Institute of the Music Industry we can teach you all you need to know about how to get a full-time job in the music industry, whether it's A&R, publicity, promotions or marketing, IMI can hook you up with the valuable contacts you need."
"So what do I need to do to enroll at IMI?"
"All you need is a high school diploma and you have the background necessary to be the next CEO at any top record label. Jazz, country western, R&B and Top 10. We know people everywhere. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us to receive your application. The sooner you call, the faster you can start a more exciting future."
**Application and processing fees apply. Paid positions not guaranteed.**

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