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Album by GWAR.
  1. Time For Death
  2. AEIOU
  3. Americanized
  4. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  5. Slutman City
  6. World O' Filth
  7. War Toy
  8. Captain Crunch
  9. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  10. Je M'Appelle J. Cousteau
  11. GWAR Theme
  12. Bone Meal
  13. Ollie North
  14. Techno's Song
  15. U Ain't Shit
  16. Rock & Roll Party Town
Import Bonus Track
  1. Black And Huge


  • Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) - Lead Vocals
  • Dewey Rowell (Flattus Maximus) - Lead guitar
  • Steve Douglas (Balsac The Jaws Of Death) - Rhythm guitar
  • Michael Bishop (Beefcake The Mighty) - Bass guitar, backup vocals; voice of Jacques Cousteau
  • Rob Mosby (Nippleus Erectus) - Drums, Percussion
  • Don Drakulich (Techno Destructo) - Vocals On "Techno's Song"
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