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GG Caravan (2012)Edit

GG Caravan - GG Caravan

GG Caravan

  1. GG Caravan (intro)
  2. Paaliachak (featuring Paleface)
  3. Juoksulaulu (featuring Tommy Lindgren)
  4. Neighbor (featuring Redrama)
  5. On se hienoo (featuring Brandon, Redrama, Paleface and Tommy Lindgren)
  6. Permu (featuring Bulle)
  7. Gelem Gelem
  8. Poste restante (featuring Voli and Pyhimys)
  9. Anna mun lentää (featuring Vesa Sade)
  10. Keskitietä (featuring Brandon)
  11. Ajatusten vankila (featuring Ruma and Bulle)
  12. Se on hienoo (outro)

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