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Die When You Die

This song is by GG Allin.

Man is not on this earth to be happy or honest. He is here to realize his powers and take what he wants, to obtain and destroy all obstacles and surpass the stagnation in which the existence of almost all individuals drag on. It is the weak, whimpering fool who cannot accept pain and danger and a coward who does not seek it. We must all accept death within ourselves. Intercourse with evil is my only adventure in life and in the afterlife. I am the snakeman. I am the open wound feeding from your blood. I am the dirt under your toenail. I am the food that eats away and drinks the drippings of your waste. I am the pollution of all living creatures. I am the darkness casting shadows on your soul. The soul sacrificed of one life to another, true meaningful gift of giving. I am the smell lingering between your legs. I am the bullet lodged in your head. I am your veins of adrenaline rushing and the dreaded water. I am the tongue, ever exploring. I am the disease of all mankind. I am your enemy. I am your sperm. I am the vehicle of great distance separating from the masses. I cease to exist to the ways of this world. Slaughtered and reincarnated, I'll come back to your doubt; I'll live in your unknown compassions. Fuck me cold. Fuck me fist fully, for lack of love will no harm do but lack of sex can dry up your wall springs. I can do without a wife, a home, children, love, friendship, help, security, comfort and food. But I cannot do without the power within myself to explore and create. I search for love through prostitutes and junkies. I will enter into you deep punctures never before indulged. What the world thinks of me makes no difference. The world's tears emotionalize my ecstatic smirk. I shall never fall prey to a half distant journey, if through suffering, poverty, depression and beyond. I shall never let myself backslide. We must violate all decent and social conventions. Be faithful only to unfaithfulness and become intimate with violence, chaos and destruction. Stick piece of a bleeding virgin's cunt, for only through war can we rebuild the fires. We must also dry the seas of authority that stall us. Unattached wild life must no law be built. Laugh, hate or worship me, it matters not. I will continue my blood quest until the day I share my dirt with the maggots beneath this earth and my soul returns to reclaim it

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