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High On The Tide

This song is by Fyfe Dangerfield and appears on the album Fly Yellow Moon (2010).

There's salt in the air, it's a taste that I know
And the memory of you has started to go
Sometimes we live just to get thrown
And so a cheap train ticket is carrying me back to my home

High on the tide
Chasing my demons away completely
High on the tide
Can in my hand going down so sweetly?
High on the tide
Don't wake me up and tell me that I'm dreaming
It's just how I am

Stumbling barefoot over the sands
With no one and nothing at my command
With the waves on the shore and the sea in my hair
I can honestly say this, I really and truly don't care

High on the tide
Killing of boredom by doing nothing
High on the tide
Finally this world resembles something
High on the tide
Oh, who needs forever when all they have's opinions?
Hey, I'm doing fine

For once in my life
I'm glad to be here not there

High on the tide
Sun falling down but it feels like morning
High on the tide
Tomorrow is just an idea
On the high tide
Don't wake me up and tell me that you're leaving
I already know

Written by:

Fyfe Dangerfiel Hutchins

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