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Let It Go

This song is by Futuristic.

You dwelling on one night, rain pouring down your window
Mom told you to stay home, you're determined to get go
Tryna see that older man, he got you sprung don't he?
He hella fun, I bet he want to get you drunk don't he?
It's cool until you say no and piss him off
And lock you in a room so none of your friends get involved
They probably think you in there being a slut
That's how you depicted yourself and that's all that he want
He slipped something in your drink, your eyes roll back
Room is spinning and he's touching you, you can't control that
Hold back, nah, you can't, off goes your pants
Damn, you're doing just exactly what he planned
And then you wake up by yourself in the house, and everyone's sleeping
Your friends gone, and you ain't got a car to leave with
That was three years ago, I know you tried to say no
But baby girl you gotta let it go

Cocaine on your nose
Mascara on your face
Your heart full of love
Your mind full of hate
You can't let it go
You can't let it go
You can't let it go
You can't let it go

Now I ain't trying to downplay what you been through
But people been through worse
Some people dying from hunger
Some things can't get reversed
You were on the right path until that night passed
Now you on drugs so far gone, it's hard to get your life back
You was embarrassed to tell your parents what happened
Now they asking you questions, you snapped
They can't imagine what's making you do that shit
You don't care and that's apparent girl, you proved that shit
And I know you want revenge so bad
You been searching for his ass
But be real, what the fuck you gon' do?
Because karmas a bitch, baby he'll get his
You better quit this shit, girl, and focus on you
'Cause the best way to get a nigga back for holding you down
Is to make something of yourself and achieve your dreams
Put down that pipe, baby, wipe your eyes, I know it's hard darling, listen to me
'Cause I been jumped, I been beat up, and arrested for shit that I didn't do
Kept my mouth shut 'cause I knew I had something to lose
I moved into the hood with my mom and my little bro
I paid the bills at thirteen then I let it all go
Sold drugs to buy my clothes and a set of headphones
So that I could make music to give to you
And I won't tell you that it's easy but believe me, you got so much more to do
Let it go, but it's all on you
It's all on you

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