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Sorry Dad, I Was Late For The Riots

This song is by Future Of The Left and appears on the album The Plot Against Common Sense (2012).

I got a bad back
From a slow coach
And a sore head
From Skol
Yes, I'm old school
An I don't mean wise
And I'll fight you
For sure

Sorry Dad, I was late for the riots
I only found out it had all kicked off
When the cameras cut to bonfires on the mall
Slipknot came and assaulted Topshop
For reasons best known to themselves
With colourful paint and a photographer from Kerrang

I've got a bad back
From my hard work
In the salt mines
Of Wells
I'll destroy the state
In my North Face fleece
It was a birthday gift
From Gran

Sorry Dad, I was late for the riots
I tried to catch a cab on Camden High Street
But the driver smelt the paraffin and ran
I'd have driven it myself but the ibuprofen
Had just kicked in and my head was killing
I'm sure that Chumbawumba will understand

Sorry Dad, I know your father disapproved of Che Guevara
Kept his whistle whiter than a racist at a swimming pool
Times have changed, the rich don't care about
Total war or the death of the church
They just keep getting richer

Sorry Dad, I'm aware of the irony
But you know my trust fund runs till 2025
No matter what I do
So until then I'll enjoy the benefit
Of a penthouse flat in Kensington
And once a year I'll run with the wolves

Oh, the injustice of life
Love, be a policeman tonight

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