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Rubber Animals

This song is by Future Of The Left and appears on the album The Plot Against Common Sense (2012).

Rubber animals, for your purchase
Fat frogs and ethnic spiders glowing in the dark
In the old days; they were Chinese made
Colonised by children's toys where missiles couldn't reach
Yes we were
Yes we were
Found unconscious just behind a Burger King
Naked, beaten, bitten by ants

I can show you how the generators work
But I cannot recognise my own face

Rubber animals, for your nephews
Half price in principle if not reality
You can see them, running in the sun
At least you would if anyone could go outside
No you can't, no you can't

Move your market to your manufacturing base
Your customers would not be happy

We like to think that they live in a different world
We're right in ways we can't imagine

Rubber animals
Rubber animals
Rubber animals

Rubber animals

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