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Album by Future.
  1. The Future Is Now (featuring Big Rube)
  2. You Deserve It
  3. First Class Flights
  4. Jealous
  5. Turn On the Lights
  6. Straight Up
  7. My
  8. Same Damn Time (Remix) (featuring Diddy and Ludacris)
  9. Neva End (Remix) (featuring Kelly Rowland)
  10. Tony Montana (featuring Drake)
  11. Magic (featuring T.I.)
  12. Homicide (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  13. I'm Trippin' (featuring Juicy J)
  14. Parachute (featuring R. Kelly)
  15. Long Live the Pimp (featuring Trae The Truth)
  16. Astronaut Chick
  17. Permanent Scar
  18. Truth Gonna Hurt You
  19. Go Harder

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