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TV Party Tonight

This song is by Futurama.

This song is a parody of "TV Party" by Black Flag.

Bender: TV party Tonight!
Professor Farnsworth: Ee-Wha?
Bender: TV party tonight!
Professor Farnsworth: Oh!
Fry: We've got nothing better to do
Leela: Than watch TV and have a couple of brews
Doctor Zoidberg: Don't wanna talk about anything else
Fry: We don't wanna know!
Professor Farnsworth: We're dedicated, yes
Hermes Conrad: To our favorite shows!
Cubert Farnsworth: All My Circuits
Dwight Conrad: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad
Tinny Tim: The Scary Door
Leela: Thursday Night Blernsball
Bender: Futurama!

Audio from ( Can't Get Enough Futurama): ( TV Party Tonight (MP3)

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