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The Lightning Dream

This song is by Fury and appears on the album The Lightning Dream (2014).

Nightfall, descends
I fall, into the dream
The skies, alight
With fear, I ride the sky

I fall through endless
Dark stormclouds at night
The lightning strikes me
Gives me the sight
Of what was, what is and what is to be
And in the end I see
I see hell

The dream, it grows
I fear, it won't let me go
Will I. Awake?
This time, I do not know

I fear we are nearing the end
Just what is coming I can't comprehend
Is this a dream? Or is this real?
I don't know what to tell you
And what to conceal

The fate of soul bears down on me
I hear their cries, I hear their screams
Some thing is coming, why can't you see?
Why can't you hear me? Is this the dream?

Fate of all souls has to he won
The end has begun
Soar to heaven or burn in hell
Only time will tell

Time is burning down to the end
But I cannot see when
Fire is coming its flames I can feel
Is this dream or real?

The Lightning Dream
Here scream the souls of the dead

The Lightning Dream

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