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This song is by Fury and appears on the album Slavekind (2001).

Your life is fraught with twisted visions of your past
An entity of hope dies, from your pathetic indecision
Always take the safest choices a prisoner of your mind
The instincts left within you a waste of spirits fire

The demons within you start to wither and die

Wash away the lies
Wash away the lives

Somewhere in these dreams that all wash away
Torment in these seeds of your disdain
Waiting the rains to come again
Cleanse me as bitterness descends

Going through the motions of society's scheming minds
Receive the script daily through rectangular eyes
Never try to break the mould, never to be free
Dare not to take the chances to fulfill your destiny

A slave to your programmed instincts of denial

I bring a subtle genius to all of my endeavors

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