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Shapes Of Three

This song is by Fury and appears on the album Slavekind (2001).

Trapped in the dreams of a past life
Watching through the window of time
Casting my mind into the sky
Staring through my sunburnt eyes
I defy

Darkened shadows of my life
And twisting shapes of three
Gripping stare of crimson blood
Now tell me you don't believe
Don't believe

The brittle glimpse from dying eyes
Peers deeply into your soul
My last pleading touch
An oath I will return
My twisted fate as realities fight
The pain so hard to see
Life in your world I defy
Searching for my mortal relief

Parody of life, I should not have been
Only your memories are left of the three
Now brought to an end I can sleep
Life in my death I am free
I am free

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