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This song is by Fury and appears on the album The Lightning Dream (2014).

Destiny calls me
My quest has begun
Vengeance I will seek
For what has been done
My father killed by the sorcerer's blade
This vow I take
I swear he will pay

I will return don't fear for me
I have the power
Of wizardry
I am the one
I will save us all
This evil empire will fall

There once was a time, so long ago
A time when I dared to dream
That I could he free, from this destiny
But this is my fate
And will ever be

Far in the east
Evil grows
And I know that I must not fail
If I fail this world is damned
To be ruled by wicked demons
I will make them pay
For what they've done
I will rip them bone from bone
I am the chosen one
Jupiter and I
Will lead this world out of the dark

Three years have passed now
Since I left my land
Oh how I long
To see her again
I stand before them
This mountain of fear
What ever fate holds
I know it ends here

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