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Of This Insanity

This song is by Fury and appears on the album Slavekind (2001).

Why is it that every time I turn my head you are there...
I wander lost and confused and you still strike me down
Is there a way out of this insanity that you've put me in
Stepping away from the truth of the situation

So close to losing control, a measure of balance upset
Falling from grace with delicate ease
Blown along by the subtle breeze
I make my way from the forms of sanity

I wear a mask, for every day that I breathe
It's that humouring smile that I grace you with
If you knew of the rage burning within
You'd know not to push the limits

Striking out with every touch
An enemy in every smile
Can't help but hear the voices
The evil ones inside

This is not my happy face today...

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