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Lost In An Unknown Mind

This song is by Fury and appears on the album Fury (1997).

Strapped and gagged, what's happening to me
Held against my will, just wasn't meant to be
Hate and fear seeping beneath my skin
Terrified, it begins, dragging my primal urges from within

Memories of a broken past
Seek to haunt me now
Lost in an unknown mind
I cling to life that once was my own
Sanity and humanity slipping from my failing grip
And now you've fucked with my mind
You've left me here all alone...

Breaking from my bonds, casting away your pathetic lives
Striking at your life, searching for my piece of mind
Lost and confused in a world so strange to me
Failure to see the values trapped within your society

Feeling like Jekyll and Hyde, trapped within a useless shell
Hunted by the ones who put me through this hell
Irony and melancholy are the shadows that darken my life
Savage and bestial, there's no stopping my will to survive

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