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This song is by Fury and appears on the album Slavekind (2001).

What is your problem, you know no shame
What are you trying to do to this place
To hear the truth now, would be a change
I can't stand another day with you
You fucking piece of shit
Why do you always lie, at every turn
I can't see what you think you'll get in return
Your twisted lies show, on your face
Your contribution to the...

Troops of lies
Your fucking fast demise
How fucking colds your soul
You will be on your own
Troops of lies
You will hold your demise
You fucking cursed your soul
You will die all alone

How does it feel
To take the truth and twist is
You can not feel
What pain you cause to others

All alone, you'll die, you'll fucking feel the pain
Your cursed, you fuck, you'll never be the same
I will take you down to this hell you will create
You'll never be the same, you'll feel my fucking pain

What is your problem
You know no fucking shame
What are you trying to
Do to this place
Dragging us all down
As you play your game
Lying through your teeth
You are all the same

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