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​Kill The Light

This song is by Fury and appears on the album The Lightning Dream (2014).

A chill wind blows inside I fear
My mind wonders if I'll die here
We stand in awe of this strange new world
And all my fears they disappear
Sound of gunfire shatters the silent air
Three are lost without a prayer
I see the look that fills their eyes
Only death answers their cries

Over head the banshees rain down fire
Their engines roar and light the sky
On the ground the flames are burning higher
Out numbered still we hold the line

Stand your ground we will survive this day
A fearless hero leads the way

Death it comes, comes for us all
But do not lay before you fall
With every breath, fight for your life
Rage against the howling night

When fate calls us, we stand alone
When fate calls us, we embrace the unknown

I know now that I face the end
But I do not fear to transcend
We make our stand against these fearful odds
And we will send them to their Gods

War it rages in the falling snow
Brothers die so far from home
For Mother Earth we give our lives this day
And know our deaths are not in vain

No more time left to live
Death is only mine to give