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This song is by Fury and appears on the album Fury (1997).

Lurking in the shadows, looking for your prey
Searching for your victims too young to have a say
Promises and deceit - the tools of the trade
Your games of torment are ready to be played

Washing all those years away, they're nowhere to be found
(Don't forget you promised me you wouldn't make a sound)
Sanity and serenity, both are stripped away
For the insane mind it's just another day...

Innocence, obedience - you don't deserve their trust
Tragedy is all I see - as you wallow in your lust
Innocence, obedience - victims forced to adjust
Tragedy is all I see - as you leave your lasting cuts...

Now their life is gone, taken without a care
Fooled by foul deceit and lead into your lair
Down the darkened path and cast into the night
It sickens me to the core hearing of their plight

Innocence is stolen, the future is unclear
Emotions left in tatters, forever they will fear
Victims of circumstance, something's got to change
The way you live your life to me is so deranged...

Now you've left your mark, another life is stained
Despite of what you've done, nothing has been gained
If only I could find you now and show you what it means
To take those lives around you and do with what you please

Not enough is done to save them from your kind
In the darkness of your soul, depravity you will find
I grasping for a reason to justify your life
Your sweet seduction comes from a point of a knife...

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