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​Haul Away

This song is by Fury and appears on the album The Lightning Dream (2014).

Far across the waves
In seas the world away
We heave and hoist the main
Turn our sails for home again

But ominous mist hangs low
Dark skies ahead they loom

Haul away, across the waves
A thousand leagues, so haul away
Through the rain, through raging seas
Plymouth awaits, so haul away

There's no escape
Eye of the storm
We pitch and yaw

Far across the waves
Over seas a hundred days
We heave and square our main
Sing of home and her again

Say do you hear their call
Sirens beckon us all

We'll rant and roar
All on the sea
Until the shores
Of home we see


A hundred years
Since we set sail
The seas we roam
Ever for home