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This song is by Fury and appears on the album Fury (1997).

Stalking the night as the clock strikes twelve
Into the insane my thoughts start to delve
Open creaks the gate to the cemetery lot
To find my true love as her body does rot

Can't you see my love is true
I've come all this way for you
A love like this could only be
Everlasting, throughout eternity...

Digging her up to embrace her in my arms
Stroking her dearly I remember her charms
Overwhelmed with the lust of which we once had
There's only one thing I could do to stop from going mad

Moving in closer for a tender kiss
Then I suck the maggots from her once ripe tits
Shafting hard, the flesh strips away
From her gaping wounds comes the smell of decay...

I roll her on her gut, I pull her cheeks apart
I begin to lick the rot that once was her ass
Finished with her now, she wasn't good enough for me
Before this night is over I'll embrace insanity...

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