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Denying Fear

This song is by Fury and appears on the album Slavekind (2001).

To be afraid of what you think you should be fucking knowing
To trick yourself to think you ain't afraid of what is coming
To bond with fear, an think that you're afraid of fucking nothing
Your life's denial of the fears that we were all born with

Denying fear
Your whole life is here
Living in a hole
Bonding with the fear

You've always been afraid of everything that is in your life
You'll never be what you could be, because your afraid of your true side
Why can't you sort the fear you hold, hidden deep in your sight
Because you're afraid of yourself, the secrets you hold in life

Denying fear, you fight on with the winning passion of the bravest soldier
You always win at what you begin, 'cause you're striving higher
You hide your fear, but your passion boils over
You trick your soul, you'll find your fear will explode

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