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1814 (Empire's End)

This song is by Fury and appears on the album Fury (1997).

Riding through the haze of smoke, your standard flying high
Gunfire echoing in your ears, you sentence men to die
Powder smell a comforting grace as you cut another one down
Sixteen years it took you, to gain your unholy crown

Names and faces unfamiliar to you
All soldiers not one you knew
All pawns in an impossible scheme
Your idea of inhuman fun

Another thousand soldiers fall for a few short feet of land
Nothing more will stop you from your conquest so grand
Generals dangling from the strings of a puppeteer insane
Thundering guns, pounding hooves, blood and blinding rain

A knife in the back, an unwritten deal, your empire begins to fall
Suddenly your soldiers choose to ignore your call
Sixteen years it took you to gain your unholy crown
And one short day it took them to bring your empire tumbling down

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