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The Deep

This song is by Further Seems Forever and appears on the album How To Start A Fire (2003).

You'll be a wolf
Devoured by a lion
Cuz you look like a lamb
Baptized in fire
Fearing yet hoping
The best has swallowed you
Sleep once again

I should go sleep
Fear I'm running out of time
Sometimes I feel
I should sever my limbs
So I could never crawl home
Back home to you
Waiting and watching
To see if you'll follow me
To my grave

And I should go sleep
Fear im running out of
Time waits for no one
(Time) time waits for no one
(Waits) time waits for no one
(Time) time waits for no one

I might not wake up next to you
Excuses, excuses, excuses
Made excuses for eating your young
Lets lick the wounds
And find out where we came from
When copperas have faded out
I hope you'll still be by my side
This is not dystrophy
But desire
Desire for comfort in the dark
Call me a mocking bird
Call me a mocking bird
And it's done

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