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How To Start A Fire

This song is by Further Seems Forever and appears on the album How To Start A Fire (2003) and on the compilation album Hope This Finds You Well (2006).

let's set this city ablaze
we'll burn down the
monuments and build
mountains in our place we
could see everything
we could start a fire and
all shine in it's light
shine so bright we burn in
eyes and heal the stories

this is the last
time we will ever bleed to
feel alive

this a rehearsal
your heart of hearts rekindled

catching the fruits of our
labors and holding our
hearts in our hands
waiting for you to sound a
prayer in the form of a
anchor replied by holding
you up in red skies bound
by love

let's set this
city ablaze we'll learn
how to start a fire shine so
bright we burn our eyes

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