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February Tide

This song is by Further Seems Forever.

This may seem out of place
A subtle glance
Brings a smile to my face

And I thought it was so bizaar
The way the sun hit your eyes
Thinking of you is like
Waking up to the sunrise
So right
The sun is rising,
The sun is rising
With the tide

Sitting by the water's edge
Underneath this fair view
I wish I could pause this moment

You said we needed time
I'm already there
And now you left me waiting
With sand on my feet (x2)

Left me waiting... waiting...

Just the sound of your voice
It brings me comfort inside
Sitting by your side
With your hands in mine
Underneath this feburary sky

A view in the ocean
From the stars pouring down on you
I need some reflection
In the contract (x2)

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