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This song is by Funkoars and appears on the album The Quickening (2011).

Hons wanna earn my rockstar status
Earn my stripes at the bar for downin' jäger till I'm hammered
The baddest
You know what bro? Now that the 'Oars down
Lose it like Golden Era and take me out of poor town
You can find me at the Horse Fowl,
At 4AM with the FAC until we escorted out
I'm a master on the mic
Confident and tight
Next morning cunts hit rock-bottom and fight
See me jumpin' off the stage in a fresh pair of Nikes
To get caught in the crowd by Mila Hikey (?)
And these days, I'm eatin' off the single cake
And I should do pretty well if Sanderland (?)'s making mingle tapes
Man I'm feelin' great, joe-mighty-good
Like a thousand 90's flippers with Elijah Wood
And paul hogan, I see you and that tax man
Extra line when he's there,
Tryin' to get his cash back...

"So you been jumpin' all around town bumpin' your fists so get loose or get gone, vamoose son of a bitch."

I see, It's been a while between LPs
The 'Oars are back and bought the bats in the belfry
Now tell me my brother:
You rock them sunnies inside
Unless you hung the fuck over
Or your mother just died
So they said "you dead"
Certified brain cancer
Throwin' weed-seeds in potholes and rain-dancin'
Real life feelin' richard branson in sandles
Producers that house all your samples...
They said you got a face a mother could love
Turns out that mother's yours so motherfucker what's up?!
Blood, weigh that shit
Double-up if you sweat them
The greedy weed-dealer cul-de-sac
Like a dead end
Get up! I love the rap facts findin' quotes
Interlining nodes, deeper than the gyno goes
Kinda dope won't do,
They either actin' like they know it
Or I'm actin' like I don't know you

Yeah, just an under-achiever
Born leader? never, I wouldn't get along with them either
Live the vida
Broken no, don't open the freezer
Got the head of a demon,
Leave it! she's mine when I need it.
Heavy breather, so you better book in a cleaner
I put the "Fuk" in the "shima"
But then I needed to leave her
I gotta live a little greener
Watch the water get deeper
I'm holding aces while you Holden Barina
FAR weaker! unh.
Wouldn't wanna be ya
Eat a whole bowl of dick and dip it,
And leave 'em swimmin' in sangria
Jeeza, turnin' me in back to a believer
School-leaver (ooh!) this one's a fuckin' keeper
He's uh, speakin' in tongues
Speaking of dumb, let's pretend we get along
That's what he would've done.
What's the harm in it?
We can all believe it at once
And get along
Sing a song,
Drop a nuclear bomb,
And vamoose