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Still Drunk

This song is by Funkoars and appears on the album Who's Your Step Daddy? (2003).

(Verse 1 - Hunter)
Up the creek without a paddle, but we got Funkoars,
Where's my beer? Cunt, we drunk yours!
Sons of wars, I'm breaking tons of laws,
It's fucking Hunts of course, putting runs on the board,
Like Langer at a test match, I'm taking the best catch,
I check out the face them tits and then snatch,
I always wear a rubber so the eggs don't hatch,
I needed some funk, and 'Oars had a new batch,
I scored well for it, I got amphetimized,
And crossed the nullabor to hang with certified wise.
Losing sanity on a thirty hour drive,
Hip hop's the only reason that I'm still alive.

I'm the dude at the back of the club, Slashed like fuck,
With my head nearly touching my gut, Throwing shit up,
It's the 'Oars of Funk, and we just started gettin' drunk.

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