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Second World

This song is by Funker Vogt and appears on the single Date Of Expiration (2002).

Imprisoned by society
Condemned by the church
Everybody was victimized
And told 'em what I did

Far-fetched stories of my life
Are ridiculous at best
Stories of absurdity
Of witchcraft and abuse

They really made me believe
All the sins I should have done
Hypnotized I'll glean the truth
And all I ever knew is gone

An unfortunate combination
Of society's conditions
Teenage boredom, jealousies
Can account for this trial

The pressure and the torture
Forced me to confess
Forced me to believe
What I was supposed to do

Fantasy, reality
Got mixed up in my brain
Hysterical puritans
Salem's still alive

And suddenly, I can see
I can see a second world

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